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being sinister Big Bad Sin Rostro; on top of that, Rafael seems to be the son of another criminal mastermind, drug lord Mutter. After it happens, the title card lampshades this by scratching out "The Virgin" and replacing it with something pertaining to the episode. Also, she used his only sperm sample to further this goal, ruining any chances he had at having a biological family of his own. Michael and the Miami PD have been investigating this case since before the start of the series. Replacement Scrappy : In-universe; Chapter 56 replaces Scott, a manager nobody liked or missed who apparently died at the hotel next door, with Elvis, a fairly similar guy that nobody is fond of either. During their intense and passionate (yet apprehensive) love affair in Las Vegas, one night (about 20 minutes into the film Lola came crying to Frank to confess that she had been unfaithful to him and sexually betrayed him: "I think that I made a mistake.". Narrator : I told you their fates were linked. Do you still love me?". She forces Anezca to get a tattoo reading "NOT petra" on her forehead; in later appearances, we see that Anezca has grown out bangs.

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No one is even going to know, let alone judge. . To Rafael, Michael's the cop whose jealousy drives him to spend a year wrongly trying to pin the Sin Rostro drug empire on him, which mid-Season 2 culminates in Michael accusing Rafael of turning him in for letting his criminal partner go, then punching Rafael. 'I should just go on my own!' Again, her husband doesn't respond. Read the rest of this entry. No encroaching on my side (or arguing about sides). . Michael calls Jane " Veronica Mars " at one point. Archived from the original on July 19, 2008. Petra wants a child to save her marriage, but had a miscarriage before Rafael's cancer and now has only has one chance to do it (using her husband's freeze-dried sperm sample). Leo is the moral compass for Danny and an all around good person. Two weeks later, MRC canceled both Valentine and Easy Money.