battery tender hookup instructions

damage. In the Parallel diagram, we're back to 6 volts, but the amps increase to. Some folks require a charger to keep their motorcycle, classic car, or aircraft battery charged during the offseason. In theory, you can connect as many batteries together as you want. Voltage represents the pressure of electricity. This is the way you can increase your voltage output and Amp/Hour rating. Quick Vocabulary Reference: AMP Hour is a unit of measure for a battery's electrical storage capacity. Keep in mind the requirements for your application, and stick to them.

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Well, by connecting batteries, you can increase the voltage, amperage, or both. It's important to note that because the amperage of the batteries increased, you may need a heavier-duty cable to keep the cables from burning out. Simply put, the charger collects information from the battery and adjusts the charge current and voltage based on this information. Step 2: Determining Battery Size, we dont mean physical size, but how many amp hours your battery stores. Therefore, you can connect two parallel connections in a series as you would two batteries. Avoid mixing and matching battery sizes wherever possible.

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