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and rewarding life. Hes a lucky guy to have you and he may just need to sharpen up his act if hes going to keep you. Its so hard when the internet is full of stories of men having higher libidos, but never women. One way to put this into perspective is to think about how you and your partner differ in other ways. You can however change how pro-active you are in addressing the sex question in your relationship; if you can make the time for intimacy, then who knows where it could lead? And if it doesnt work out in the end, thats OK too. Learn to satisfy yourself. Im not a sex addict, so yes, I could control it if I really wanted.

Not only that, but women tend to lose desire unless someone is giving.
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Play The positive impa ct on your relationship if you date a woman with a high sex drive.

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Here are a few suggestions that could help rekindle your passion: Sit down and have an open and honest talk about your differences in sex drive. And remember, the most important component of any sexually related issue is not the sex itself, but how you communicate about the sex and your individual desires and satisfaction). Sex invariably makes it difficult to wade through our emotions, so allowing a trained third-party to offer guidance may be more beneficial than you think. You just don't have the motivation right now to get it there. His voracious sexual appetite saw him father 16 children from three marriages while having countless affairs. Being rejected is somehow worse when youre female because of the myth that men will basically have sex with any woman, no matter what she looks like, writes a 27-year-old woman in an email. A new medication may have caused the shift, for example. Follow her on Twitter @mariellaf1. Is your partner feeling more physically satisfied? All hope shouldnt be lost; many people have experienced this same problem and have managed to overcome. When you are deep into a romantic and sexual relationship, it can be hard to figure out whether you can work through your issues, or if you just arent sexually compatible. If either of you felt the amount of lovemaking was problematic, that's when it's time to consult a professional.

Of course its (usually) possible to control the urge for sex, no matter how strong. Sexual psychologist Justin Lehmiller advises couples experiencing sexual desire discrepancy to also consider whether libidos have always been mismatched or if there was a significant change recently.