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this browser. Click here for Phase Converter Sizing Charts Click here for Phase Converter Data Sheets power-wave XR-p Phase Converter Panel Line temco's power-wave XR-p line of phase converter panels enlist the same proven and rugged design used in the power-wave Rotary Phase Converter line in the. You were polite and very helpful! Our phase converters include temco's exclusive Power Factor Correction System. Without you asking me that question I would be getting the three which would make my life a lot more difficult. Part Number 9801223, uPC, brand Name, iCM Controls, eAN. Input Phase Angle and number of transformers needed. Cost "Received in a very timely manner.

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Temco Series 9000 Transmitter Rotary Phase Converters - specially designed for 3 phase radio and television equipment. I also had to call you 3 or 4 times with questions that I had and you were very pleasant to talk to and never made me feel like I was bothering you. Three Phase has three separate circuits with phases 120 Degrees apart. Remember - using a larger phase converter than you currently need is safe, but one that is too small will not work. Thanks!" - carlwhitmore, 12/1/09 Direct Feedback from temco's Customers "Thanks temco and ( Rotary Phase Converter Specialist ) Anne, I told you what I had.

Pricing subject to change, due to industry changes. You can hook a single phase motor up on L1-L2, L2-L3 or L3-L1 for single phase current (balance necessary on loading between phases) or apply L1-L2-L3 to the proper therminals of a three phase motor. We produce quality products and stand behind them. With temco 3 Phase Rotary Phase Converters you get more. You are very good at what you. Thanks so much." - Andy Rivera "You are awesome, appreciate the help. With its versatility it can power any three phase machinery, ranging from Miller welders and Trane hvac systems, to oil drilling platform equipment or even entire production facilities. I just wanted to say thank you. Same Day Shipping on Items in Stock! If anyone needs the type of equipment temco sells, there should be no hesitation, they are the place to purchase." - hydropower, 10/1/10 "My experience with temco was very smooth, and mostly trouble-free. I asked for a transformer to buck my power from 460 to 415 and thought I would be getting 3 transformer to do this. If you are a qualified reseller, call for a Rotary Phase Converter reseller application.

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