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the information. Until they find a body, she says, I have to believe theres a possibility, however remote, that Melissa is alive. Until I know what happened to her, it isnt over for. I cant talk to you, and walked away.

When Tammy turned away for a moment to hug a friend, she glimpsed Hughes hovering nearby. I thought shed understand, being a mother, says Tammy. Later, when Melissa went to get some chips before leaving, Tammy saw Hughes approach her. I told her newcastle hookup spots if she heard anything that she could call me anonymously, that all I wanted was to find my daughter. She sighs, the smoke from her cigarette stinging her weary eyes, and adds, You can believe anything you want in order to get you through each day. After an extensive interrogation, an investigator accused Hughes of having harmed Melissa. As it stands, chances are she never will know. But the girl shyly ignored him, and Tammy watched as Melissa headed back to her. Then I wake up in the morning thanking God that at least the worst didnt happen. At least they didnt find Melissa dead.

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