college hookup stories

taken. I would pay for my incredibly stupid taunts as soon as the grace period ended. When I was finally able to speak in between violent heaves I thanked her for help. By 10:00pm, before anything had really even gotten into full swing, I was already the kind of drunk that would convince Keith Ablow America was destined to be raped and pillaged by Iranians. Ive never seen a female storm out so quickly. Maybe I put on a level of charm I cant remember (doubtful or maybe Sarah was far drunker than I could tell (likely but there she was helping me out once again.

It was a great night all around." Julia,. Then after some time, I get a text from my friend saying she needed a ride home asap. It was a perfect match. "I went to Greece and the only thing I could think about the whole time was Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And Im thinking What in the fuck? Related Stories, as you get older, friends will likely ask you to dish all the details about your first college hookup. So I go back to my dorm to find my friend sitting outside my door plastered. And he says hell sleep in the closet, so I throw him a pillow and he passes out with the door half shut and his legs sticking out.