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go on Tinder dates. Single, religious affiliation : Christian, how religious are you? How sexually satisfying was this hookup? What precautions did you take to prevent hookup spots cincinnati STIs and pregnancy? Not surprisingly, both studies also suggested that men are more likely than women to use Tinder for the purpose of seeking out casual sex.

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How did they react? How/where did the hookup begin? LeFebvre's qualitative data couldn't really address this question, but Sumter and colleagues were able to examine the association between Tinder use motives and participants' likelihood of going on a Tinder date or having a Tinder hookup.2. It was not uncommon for participants to use the app because they wanted positive feedback on Tinder or because receiving such feedback felt good. Slightly fewer than half of the participants (45.5) had gone on an offline date with a match, and.6 reported having had a one-night stand. This was my first hookup and I want to do a lot more now. Not at all Did your partner get emotionally hurt as a result of this hookup?