xbox 360 cable hookup

it also uses 2 different buttons. Yes, but they must have the same size input and outputs. The easiest way is to get a video capture card for a desktop pc, or if you can find one with rca input, a laptop capture card. Step 3: Hook Up the Speakers. If you want to upgrade to a full (gold) account, you will need a credit card, or buy an xbox Live pack from most game stores. In most cases yes. And hook the (red and white) end to the back of your durabrand sub woofer.

There are two usb slots in the front of the xbox an one in the back. All you need a is a modem and connect the 360 directly. Step 2: Hook Up the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable. I recommend getting it from eBay for around.00 but BestBuy or GameStop have it for about.00 Slacker286-Take one end of of an ethernet cable, and plug it into you xbox 360, then plug the other end into your computer. Then plug in the other cords into their usual spot, put in a DVD, CD, any thing that's a disk or has a usb port, turn up the volume, and watch. If its a wireless controller and you want to use a play and charge kit it will recognize the controller but there are currently no drivers available for. I would recommend buying it from eBay for around.00 but big company stores such as Best Buy or GameStop will try to sell it for.00-40.00 dollars hope this helps! LCD or CRT Computer Monitor.

1 Piece of HD Component AV Cable for Xbox. Not compatible with Xbox One and Xbox 360. Stereo component high definition A/V audio video cables for the xbox System. Wholesale Xbox 360 Wireless Controller USB Charge Cable. 800 x 800 jpeg 157kB.

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