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For example, a dock-connector receiver should connect to a source immediately when the dock (which is usually off or unpowered when not in use) is turned. According to Audioengine, thanks to this rigid, plastic antenna, which sticks up a few inches from the front of the unit, the B1 has a range of 100 feet, three times what most other receivers claim. Photo: Michael Hession Upgrade pick If you have nice speakers or a higher-end audio systemsuch as our picks for best receiver and bookshelf speakers, or our favorite computer speakers and you want a Bluetooth connection that can do them justice, the Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music.

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If you have a pair of Bluetooth headphones already, youll only need one Bluetooth Receiver Upgrade to transmit the audio from your TV to your headphones. To get significantly better range without making compromises in other areas, you need to opt for something more expensive, such as our upgrade pick. Middle row: Motorola Moto Stream, Avantree Roxa, Grace Digital 3Play. SKU: 3502 Categories: Accessories, Audio Gear, dont Replace Your Home Stereo: Just Add Bluetooth to it! However, if you find the Monoprice receiver at a significantly lower price than the BT2A when youre shopping, its a safe buy.