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off the mark. Nix narrows down the criteria: "Republicans"the blue dots disappear; "not yet convinced"more dots disappear; "male and. The "Big Five" has become the standard technique of psychometrics. It could even correctly distinguish Republicans from Democrats 85 percent of the time. But we also reveal something about ourselves even when we're not online. Presidential election, Facebook has lost billions in stock market value, governments on both sides of the Atlantic have opened investigations, and a nascent social movement is calling on users to #DeleteFacebook. "So how did he do this?" Up to now, explains Nix, election campaigns have been organized based on demographic concepts. The original investigation into Cambridge Analytica, published on Motherboard in January 2017 and in German in Das Magazin. It is the Big Five or ocean Model. From the Netflix Prize to psychometrics Back in 2006, when it was still a DVD-by-mail company, Netflix offered a reward of 1 million to anyone who developed a better way to make predictions about users movie rankings than the company already had.

"It is my privilege to speak to you today about the power of free sex ads in ft lauderdale fl Big Data and psychographics in the electoral process." The logo of Cambridge Analytica a brain composed of network nodes, like a map, appears behind Alexander Nix. The approach that Kosinski and his colleagues developed over the next few years was actually quite simple. The paper showed that a factor model made with users Facebook likes alone was 95 percent accurate at distinguishing between black and white respondents, 93 percent accurate at distinguishing men from women, and 88 percent accurate at distinguishing people who identified as gay men from. The researcher whose work is at the center of the. Above all, howeverand this is keyit also works in reverse: not only can psychological profiles be created from your data, but your data can also be used the other way round to search for specific profiles: all anxious fathers, all angry introverts, for exampleor maybe. Trump doesn't do emails, his personal assistant once revealed. The methodology looks quite similar to the one that Michal Kosinski once developed. Nix is British, 41 years old, and CEO of Cambridge Analytica. Kosinski's team then compared the results with all sorts of other online data from the subjects: what they "liked shared or posted on Facebook, or what gender, age, place of residence they specified, for example. Its as if Cambridge Analytica took a very high-resolution photograph, resized it to be smaller, and then deleted the original. Kosinski had expected a few dozen college friends to fill in the questionnaire, but before long, hundreds, thousands, then millions of people had revealed their innermost convictions.

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