installing washing machine hookup

your washer by connecting a hose to a sink faucet. Make sure the room temperature will not fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). However, instead of loading your laundry and leaving it unattended, it's best to closely monitor your washer for the first few loads to ensure that there are no leaks. 5, if the hose is too short you can purchase a longer hose meant to withstand higher pressure. Some washing machines have very sensitive electronics in them, so it pays to know about your machine before you try to do anything with. However, once you get the hang of this you should achieve excellent results. Loosen the locking nuts by turning them counter clockwise independent of the leg itself.

We use cookies to make wikiHow great. 2, measure the area to ensure a proper fit. Switching off the valve when your washing machine isn't in use will help take some pressure off the hoses that connect the washer to your pipes. If this doesn't help, contact a plumber in your area. This may help preserve the hoses and reduce the chances of a leak. 3, set up the drain hose. I've also heard that some folks use a rolling cart.

If your washer hose bursts, it can leak many gallons of water and cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Remember that you will need to measure the width as well as the depth of both the washing machine and the space you will put it to ensure a proper fit. Things You'll Need Washing machine Hoses and pipes Instructions Wrench Loading. Your washer might come with a plastic hose guide. If you're installing new supply hoses, consider buying no-burst hoses. Again, I think it's a good tradeoff and if there was no other way to do it I could have happily lived with this, but in the end I decided to plumb the unit to the hot water supply, which is actually quite easy. I need to connect an adapter inside drainage hose to connect an extension drainage. You can usually make these connections tight enough using only your hands. If your washer does not indicate the water level, you can estimate it by examining the interior of your washer.

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